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Truma Ultrastore 14 l. boiler

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Truma Ultrastore 14 l. boiler

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Truma Ultrastore 14 l. boiler


Truma Ultrastore 14 Litre Gas & Electric Water Heater Another very popular product from within the Truma range is the Ultrastore water heater. Available as both gas and gas/electric variables we have a heater to suit your need and travelling type, whether you are hooking up electrically onsite, or relying on you gas bottles on a rally, you never need to lose out on a nice hot shower! For both design and suitable purposes, we have a 10L and 14L option to, so if you’re travelling alone or have the family on board, there’s no need to fit a heater that doesn’t suit you. The gas burner heats the water very quickly and efficiently. This can be sped up further if using the 850W electric element option. All heaters come with a control switch so that you can control how hot you want your water to be. Key Features include: • An inexpensive gas-powered water heater • Short heating times • Water temperature range of 30oC – 70oC • Stainless steel water tank Technical Data: Heating time up from 15oC – approx 70oC For 14L water tank – Gas operation approx. 50min Electrical operation approx. 72min Gas and Electric operation approx. 38min Water hose connection Pressure-tight hot water hose (10mm flexi) Gas consumption 120 g/h Current consumption (12V) Ignition 0.17A Heating up 0.08 A Standby 0.04 A (230V) 3.7 A Water pressure up to 2.8 bar

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