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Truma Aqua Star 1+2+3

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Truma Aqua Star 1+2+3

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Complete water treatment solution


Truma AquaStar 1 - Descaler AquaStar 1 is very effective in removing limescale from your drinking water system, along with the bacteria present in the limescale The powder rids the water completely of the otherwise unpleasant odour and taste Thanks to its gentle action on metals and seals, AquaStar 1 is particularly well suited to recreational vehicles AquaStar 1 should be used regularly twice a year.Truma AquaStar 2 - Disinfectant cleaner AquaStar 2 disinfects the water system and shows no mercy to germs The 2-phase disinfectant cleaner uses the combined action of active oxygen and silver to remove bacteria and germs: 1. First, the active oxygen penetrates the biofilm (layer of algae) and loosens it from the walls of tanks and lines. This enables the bacteria present in the biofilm to be reached. 2. The bacteria can then be killed off by the bactericidal action of the silver. AquaStar 2 should be used regularly twice a year. Truma AquaStar 3 - Water steriliser and preserver AquaStar 3 descales and preserves the water supply so that you can clean your teeth and take a drink with complete peace of mind It uses active oxygen to kill off at least 99.9% of pathogenic bacteria and germs in drinking water within one hour. Silver ions also keep the water free of germs, algae and odours for up to 6 months Totally chlorine-free, AquaStar 3 is safe for both the environment and your health

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