Thetford T2090 fridge

Thetford T1090 compressor fridge without front panal
Thetford presents the first compressor refrigerator especially designed for the campervan, the T1090. This refrigerator is made to perfectly fit the shape and user requirements of the campervan. The T1090 installs to a flush fit, and can be characterized as powerful in cooling, efficient, silent, and effective in use. Strong 12V compressor. Subtropical class for day mode. Normal class for night mode. Battery lasts up to 2.5 - 3.5 days. Powerful silence compressor. Special night mode for silent nights. More silent than the competition. 90L in total. Refrigerator at eye level. Deep cabinet (space for lying bottles). 2 vegitable bins. Shelf Food retainers. 975 x 418 x 485